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Who We Are

Open Options’ consultants use a structured process and powerful game theory technology to guide executive decision making and help our clients accurately predict and influence the outcome of complex multiplayer issues.

Armed with decades of global experience and backed by 46 academic research articles published in peer-reviewed journals, Open Options continues to guide the world’s leading companies through their toughest challenges by developing impactful, and often counterintuitive, strategies that our clients can pursue with confidence.

Since 1996, Open Options has refined its innovative game theory technology into a well-structured and efficient approach that we call “The Open Options Process.”

The Open Options Process is highly engaging, interactive and challenges executives to think about business issues differently. When making important decisions, it is typical for businesses to spend a disproportionate amount of time focusing on their own actions and to put too much weight on quantitative analysis. Open Options’ approach is a blending of quantitative and qualitative considerations, using expertly facilitated group discussions to assemble and structure critical organizational knowledge about an important business issue, and then apply powerful game theory software to identify counterintuitive insights and a clear action plan that has full organizational commitment.