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Mining and Resources

Mining and Resources

Open Options’ unique process and proprietary game theory software have helped guide senior executives in the mining, metal refining and the natural resource industries across five continents since 1996. We work with executives as they tackle their toughest commercial and geopolitical issues, often in challenging foreign jurisdictions.

What Does Open Options Do?

  • We challenge executives to stretch their thinking and to look at issues differently by explicitly considering the perspectives and motivations of the critical parties involved in the issue
  • We provide an effective, structured process to capture organizational knowledge
  • We analyze that structured knowledge using proprietary game theory tools to explore the potential competitive strategies and the millions of ways the issue could play out
  • We provide a practical action plan to reach the best attainable outcome for our client
  • We build deep management consensus and trust on the best path forward

Our Process

Our efficient process consists of five steps:

  1. Define the Issue
  2. Harvest Organizational Knowledge
  3. Determine Players, Options and Preferences
  4. Reveal Insights with Game Theory Analysis
  5. Deliver a Trusted Decision and Action Plan

Our Experience

We have worked with some of the largest mining and resource companies around the globe, on projects spanning the following application areas:

  • Joint ventures
  • Political / commercial negotiations
  • Dealing with foreign governments / national resource companies
  • Accelerating partner approval
  • Major asset sales and spin-offs
  • Dealing with foreign competitors
  • Industry consolidation
  • Defending from takeover
  • Seeking to takeover
  • Contract renewal
  • Land acquisition
  • Civil unrest and indigenous people’s land claims
  • Community stakeholder engagement
  • Dealing with unions
  • Environmental Affairs & Regulation

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Case Study Descriptions

Below is a selected list of some of our success stories in the mining and resource industry. Please contact us to learn more about our process and to review a relevant case study.

  • Conflicting Legislation – “Foreign Government Challenges” Show more

    The Client, a mining company, was faced with changing and conflicting rules at several levels of government in a developing country. Legal challenges could potentially lead to the closing of the mine. They needed to know what they had to do to keep operating profitably.  The Client was being battered by local, state and federal government organisations, environmental non-government and government organisations, local unions and competitors.

  • Geopolitical Developments – “Enemy in the Ranks” Show more

    A large project managed by a mining company was threatened by international political positioning, as strong neighbors tried to gain influence in a developing country. At the same time, the Client was being undermined by an undisciplined joint venture partner.

  • Slow Legislative Change – “Lobbying for Change” Show more

    A large resource company needed a legislative solution to develop a valuable field. The interactions of the politicians were the important drivers for legislative success and the potential actions and interests of individual senators, the state governor, the party leaders and other critical politicians were modeled.

  • Dramatic Industry Changes – “Rough Water Ahead” Show more

    An industry leader was concerned about possible dramatic changes in the competitive landscape in the next 5 years. A large overseas competitor was suspected of contemplating entering the North American market with a low cost offering. While traditional competitors were happy with the status quo, non-traditional competitors were looking to aggressively introduce new technologies which would reduce the availability of core resources. To exacerbate the situation, large customers were very interested in reducing their need for the client’s traditional services.

What Makes Us Unique

As experts and specialists in solving business issues where multiple players can influence the final outcome, Open Options is unique in several ways: