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Environmental Affairs and Regulations

In most jurisdictions, environmental regulations are becoming more stringent and are placing heavier burdens on organizations operating within them.  At the same time, NGOs and communities broadly are becoming more involved and influential.  Environmental issues, by their very nature, affect many stakeholders and are thus ideally suited for a game theory approach.

From creating communication plans, to addressing the concerns of NGOs and local communities, to dealing with tough environmental restrictions, Open Options has helped numerous companies uncover the best way to deal with environmental affairs and regulations.

Below is a selected list of some of our success stories, in helping our clients manage their environmental affairs and regulation issues. Please contact us to learn more about our process and review a relevant case study.


  • Carbon Sequestration – “It’s a Gas” Show more

    An oil and gas company wanted to respond to social and political pressures to control CO2 emissions through carbon sequestration. It also had an economic opportunity to recover large amounts of incremental oil from legacy fields through CO2 injection. Both of these objectives required a mechanism to transport the CO2 from the source location to an injection site. The Client wanted to determine its most effective strategy to address its need to transport CO2.

  • Redevelopment Permits – “Seeing Green” Show more

    A major oil and gas company was looking to repurpose a mothballed operation in the extensively regulated state of California. The Client wanted to know what actions would lead to a reasonable chance of obtaining the permits for redevelopment.

  • Competitive Positioning – “Backing The Right Horse” Show more

    The European division of a large multinational manufacturer needed to invest in and back the right technology to meet increasingly stringent EU based environmental regulations.  During the Open Options process, the potential actions and preferences of the client, European competitors, multinational competitors, EU regulators, European and foreign customers were modeled.  The analysis led the client to drastically alter its investment strategy, which resulted in Client maintaining its leadership position and market share.

  • Regulatory Actions – “Call in the Ref” Show more

    A pharmaceutical company was finding its margins challenged in a regulated regional market.  In recent years, the regulator had been imposing increasingly unsustainable constraints on the pharmaceutical industry. The management team came to Open Options to develop a strategy that would create a new stable and profitable operating environment.

  • Competition from Generics – “Regulation and Reaction” Show more

    Facing an uncertain health policy environment and growing competition from generics, a large pharmaceutical company wanted to prioritize new commercial strategies, new product uses, new market segments and new partnerships with a focus on understanding the reactions of external players.  The client needed a sustainable generics strategy over a three year time horizon to create new value throughout the distribution chain.

Open Options has experience in the following aspects of environmental affairs and regulations:

  • Regulatory approvals
  • Emissions compliance
  • Local community concerns
  • Unfounded fines
  • Threats to expansion
  • Threats to continued operation
  • Land swaps
  • Influencing institutional investors
  • Lobbying
  • Land disputes
  • Environmental remediation