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Open Options Process

Step 5: Presenting a Clear, Trusted Action Plan

pharma strategy consultingThe success of the Open Options Process lies in the speed and transparency with which clients move from facing significant uncertainty on how to proceed to having a clear path forward that they can pursue with confidence. Open Options places great importance on linking all recommendations back to the inputs provided by the group during the Executive Sessions. The results of the technical analysis are typically delivered within two weeks of the executive sessions, enabling clients to rapidly move towards implementation.  

The benefit of having a group of executives agree on the inputs to strategy first, and then being able to clearly show the logical and analytic consequences of those inputs, is a high-trust decision with immediate organizational support.

The complete report includes:

  • Indication of the likely Natural Outcome (where the issue, or "game", is headed)
  • Identification of the Best Attainable and possible Danger Outcomes
  • A clear action plan to achieve the Best Attainable Outcome

and vital tactical indicators such as:

  • Power distribution among the players
  • Compatibility metrics among the players (Who is your ally or opponent? Are there any hidden allies or opponents?)
  • Aggressiveness/complacency indicators (Who will act first?)
  • Key threat and trade-off opportunities

In summary, the value delivered to the client includes:

  • Organizational trust and management consensus on an issue of consequence
  • An effective, structured process to extract and organize the relevant knowledge
  • Powerful game theory analysis that identifies the best path forward and reveals ways to influence the actions of other players
  • An action plan on which the executive group is fully aligned.

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